Terms and conditions

1. Definitions:

Chalet Chef will be referred to as “Chalet chef or the chef”

You will be referred to as “The Client”

2. Payment and Booking:

The Agreed price should be paid to Chalet Chef no later than 6 weeks before the holiday start date to confim the booking.

3. Standard Cancellation policy:

Cancelations made by the client after the invoice has been paid:

– Between 45 and 30 days before the first date of cooking: 50% of the fee is refunded
– Less than 30 days or no-show at the start of the first date of cooking: 0% of the fee is refunded.

Stays that have begun and are then shortened or interrupted by the client do not entitle the client to any refunds.

All bookings of less than a full week must be paid for in full at time of booking. This payment is non-refundable under any circumstances.

If for any reason Chalet Chef cancels your booking, a full refund will be given to you the client.

(Please ensure you have sufficient holiday insurance to cover any cancellation. we will provide you with an invoice and evidence of payment to Chalet Chef).

4. Additional costs and Responsibility:

Chalet Chef will do it’s utmost to fulfil everything requested in your booking. However in the event that we may not be able to give you the exact menus you have discused, we will provide a similar ingredient/dish, and if necessary discuss an alternative dish with you.

The client is responsible to make Chalet Chef aware before arrival of any allergies or illnesses which require special dietary requirements and may be subject to an additinal supliment.

If any requests made by the client for food or wine the chef will request additional funds in resort.

Should you wish to change any details of your booking we will do our utmost to oblige. ​Please be aware a price change may be necessary.

The client is responsible to check with the party they have rented their chalet with, that they are allowed to use a private chef in the said chalet.

The chef will shop for all necessary food items and ingredients for the menu, and then prepare and cook the meals for the client in the clients rental property kitchen.

5. Covid 19 Cancellation Policy:

Except for the specifically mentioned scenarios below where travel restrictions are implemented, our standard cancellation terms and deadlines will apply.

If within 7 days of your scheduled arrival in resort there is:

  • A covid-19 related closure of the resort of Val d’Isère or a mandatory instruction by the French national, regional or local authorities to close all tourist accommodation as a result of covid-19
  • A travel ban imposed in France or the country of residence of the client which prevents travel to or departure from Val d’Isère during the period of occupation of the booking.
  • Where the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (or your equivalent government body if you are not a resident in the UK) advise against travel to your destination.

We will issue a refund minus any costs encured by Chalet Chef in way of and produce already purchased for the clients booking. We will require a full written cancellation sin relation to the terms above.

Chalet Chef reserve the right to make changes to the services offered or service level provided, however every effort will be made to keep any such disruption to a minimum.

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